5 Sites Like Depop for Buying & Selling Clothing

We all have to buy clothes at one point or another. Some people love buying specific brands, while others just like to pay as little as possible in order to cover their bodies. Regardless of how you like to dress yourself, wearing clothes is essential.

Enter sites like Depop, where people can buy and sell clothes with ease. Think of Depop as the eBay of clothing. Users create an account, snap a few pics of the clothing they no longer need and list them for sale at the price of their choice. Everything is super easy to setup and you could be making money from your unwanted or unused clothes within minutes.

The wonderful thing about online stores like Depop is that you not only get to make money selling your unused clothes, but you can also make some pretty incredible finds! Whether you’re looking for affordable fashion brands or even if you’re searching for a specific model of sneakers, Depop is loaded with options at a much lower cost compared to the original retail sales price. Depop even has an app for Android and iOS, letting you shop on the go from your smart phone or tablet.

However, there may be times when you can’t find the exact clothing pieces that you truly desire. That’s where our list of other sites like Depop comes in handy. We’ve sourced the best alternatives so you can have more choice of clothing, increasing your chances of finding the perfect wardrobe.


Mercari list of depop alternatives

Click Here to Visit Mercari

One of the best websites like Depop on the internet is Mercari. This massive marketplace brings you a huge selection of pre-owned goods. Whether you’re looking for clothing, designer handbags, lilac candles or even toys for your kids, it’s the ultimate place to shop and save. Mercari is so beautifully built, that browsing it is a joyful thing to do on its own. They make it very easy for you to find what you’re looking for with just a few clicks. For instance, click on their Luxe section to instantly browse designer brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and other big names.

Looking for pre-owned Apple products? Mercari has them! Get yourself an Apple iPad for half the price you’d pay for it brand new. The savings at this Depop alternative are off the charts and so is the quality. They also have their own iOS and Android app so users can browse on the go. Signing up takes just a moment and once you’re free account is made, you can instantly purchase stuff you like or even start selling your own items.


  • Get paid instantly when selling items.
  • Start selling within minutes.
  • 350,000 items added every day.
  • Buy or sell almost any type of product.


vinted declutter your closet

Click Here to Visit Vinted

While Mercari brought you a nice option for decluttering your entire house, Vinted focuses solely on the clothing in your life. They do have a nice selection of available clothing, shoes and accessories, so you can build your entire wardrobe all in one place. With a simple to navigate website and an intuitive mobile app, Vinted is a go-to option for men and women around the globe. That’s right, Vinted isn’t just for women, they also have men and kids clothing. In fact, their kids selection is actually one of the top collections, since most parents don’t want to spend a fortune on clothing when their children will outgrow it all within a year.

Selling on Vinted is very simple. If you’ve ever used any other sites like Depop in the past, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Just create a free account, snap a few pictures of your clothing and add a description. Once that is done, name your price and make your listing live. The only downside to Vinted is that you’ll only get paid once the buyer actually receives the items and confirms they are ok. However, Vinted does not take any seller fees, so you’ll always make exactly what you choose as a selling price.


  • Creating an account takes less than a minute.
  • Anyone can buy & sell on Vinted.
  • You will only get paid once the buyer confirms receipt of the items.
  • Vinted does not charge any seller fees.
  • They also have a mobile app on iOS & Android.


thredup online consignment store clothing

Click Here to Visit ThredUp

Among all of the shops like Depop, ThredUp is probably the one with the largest selection of clothing. They consider themselves a consignment shop for your closet and that’s exactly what they are. With designer clothing, accessories, handbags, kids clothing, maternity clothes and more, you’ll be sure to find something you love at ThredUp. What we absolutely love about ThredUp is how their website is built. All the categories and filters make it easy for you to quickly locate the exact type of clothing that you need. For instance, browse their collection of items under $6 if you’re looking to really save big, or browse their Short Resort collection for a massive selection of summer shorts.

However, the truly unique factor that sets ThredUp apart from the other websites like Depop is their custom box. That’s right, they can curate a fashion box for you specifically. Just tell the designers a bit about your style and needs, then they will curate a 10-item box that gets shipped right to your door. Best of all, you only keep and pay for the items you like. Send back whatever doesn’t fit or that you don’t like and you won’t have to pay a dime for those items.


  • Unique custom boxes available for curated pieces picked just for you.
  • Large selection along with excellent filters and categorization.
  • The process of selling is a little longer – you need to ship all your clothing to them and they handle the rest.
  • Their shipping “Clean Out Kit” is free.


poshmark buy and sell online

Click Here to Visit Poshmark

Poshmark is an amazing marketplace that you certainly won’t want to avoid. They have some of the best quality pre-loved clothing on the internet. Along with having high quality used clothes, Poshmark also carries some of the biggest brands in the world including Michael Kors, Gucci, Nike, Coach, Lululemon and so much more. With a vast array of options when it comes to brands, this marketplace is the go to platform for millions of people in North America.

Download the Poshmark app if you plan on using it regularly to get notifications right on your phone. You can also start listing your own clothing for sale on their marketplace within minutes of creating your account. Similar to Depop and the other stores listed here, all you have to do to become a Poshmark seller is grab a few pics of your items, add a description, set a price and watch the buyers come to you. Finally, Poshmark also has the ability to curate looks specifically for you. So if you’re looking for a fully managed design curation platform where you can buy and sell clothes online, this is a must-have for your bookmarks!


  • Start selling your pre-used clothing within minutes.
  • Name your own prices.
  • Shop some of the biggest brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more.
  • Download their app for an even better experience.


Tradesy online clothing sales

Click Here to Visit Tradesy

Tradesy is an amazing marketplace that you will fall in love with almost immediately if you love fashion. With Prada bags, Cartier bracelets and a lot more, you will find yourself browsing their marketplace for hours at a time. They have an entire collection dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories, another section entirely dedicated to handbags and a whole selection of products that are currently on sale. For buyers, pricing is simple – shipping costs are added to the price, so you won’t have to deal with unexpected shipping fees once you reach checkout.

For sellers, Tradesy is a breeze to use. Just like the other shops like Depop in this list, you take a few images of the products you want to sell and add a brief description. It’s important to note any wear and tear to avoid returns, but that’s about it. Sell a few things, buy a few things – Tradesy is a perfect place to buy and sell used clothes online without any guilt.


  • Start selling your items within minutes.
  • No need to ship anything to them – you ship to the buyer directly.
  • Shipping fees are included in the price, so buyers won’t find any hidden fees.
  • Loads of big name brands available in their marketplace.
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