5 Online Learning Platforms Like Udemy

The way we view education has evolved tremendously in the past 2 decades. We used to have one option – go to college and get a degree. However, with sites like Udemy, you can now learn all sorts of new skills from the comfort of your home, during the hours of your choice. Whether you have young kids and can’t attend a physical school or even if you want to pick up a new skill for your job without much commitment, Udemy is a great platform to make it possible.

So what is Udemy? Simply put, it’s a platform where instructors can share their knowledge with the world and students can learn. It’s a virtual school where you can learn almost anything. From Facebook advertising courses to survival skills and online etiquette courses, Udemy has it all. They have thousands of available courses to choose from, most of which are quite affordable. Installing their app on your mobile phone or tablet unlocks a whole new world of possibilities. By doing so, you can take courses on the go or before bed. With each lecture lasting just a few minutes, it’s easy to learn at a slower pace without cramming a ton of information in all at once.

However, there might be times where you just can’t seem to find the specific course that you need. Or you might find it slightly too expensive for your budget. Regardless of your reasons, we’ve compiled a list of the top Udemy alternatives so you can compare options, prices and courses with ease. Whether you’re an instructor or a student, the below platforms like Udemy are the best options worth discovering.


alison learning

Click Here to Visit Alison

Looking for free platforms like Udemy? Alison is exactly what you want. Alison has thousands of available courses online and every single one of them are free. So you can browse their platform with peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to pay a dime for any of them. They have a broad selection of courses including IT, marketing, sales, engineering, health, academic and more. When completing a course, you’ll need to take an assessment exam proving that you’ve learned the newfound skills. 80% of higher awards you with a passing grade.

Once you complete the assessment, you’ll be give a digital certificate that proves that you passed the course. Alison does allow you to purchase a physical diploma if you would like something a little more tangible, but this is entirely optional. With their mobile app, you can learn from your Android or iOS mobile devices, making it easier than ever to pick up new skills according to your time schedule.


  • Alison has over 3,000 online courses.
  • All courses on this platform are 100% free.
  • Receive a certificate after getting a passing grade of 80% or more.
  • You can purchase a physical diploma if you wish.



Click Here to Visit edX

edX is one of the top Udemy alternatives because it brings you courses from over 160 different academic establishments. These schools are highly renowned, including Berkeley, Harvard, MIT and more. However, unlike Alison, you will need to pay for these courses, and some of them come with quite a hefty price tag. For instance, a MicroMasters Program in Software Development from the University of British Columbia is currently listed at around $1,000.

While their prices are steeper than most platforms like Udemy in this list, they do come with much more pride and acknowledgement. These courses typically last a few months and require that you dedicate several hours per week towards the program. The courses are edX are very complete and written/presented by actual university professors. If you’re looking for a way to get an actual university equivalent degree online from home, edX is probably your best bet – if you can afford it.


  • Courses come from over 160 universities.
  • They currently have over 15,000 instructors & over 3,000 courses.
  • Receive a certificate upon completing each course.
  • Most courses are quite expensive, but are much cheaper than attending the actual universities.

LinkedIn Learning

Click Here to Visit LinkedIn Learning

One of the best platforms for companies that want to provide learning opportunities to their employees is LinkedIn Learning. This platform lets you buy a monthly subscription for your entire team, which is a great way to let them pick up new skills and stay in the loop with the latest updates in their respective fields. However, LinkedIn Learning isn’t just for employers, for a small monthly fee, anyone can begin taking courses during their free time and earn certificates for their achievements.

LinkedIn Learning is very affordable – you just need to pay the $29.99 monthly subscription fee and you’ll instantly gain access to over 16,000 online courses. Data analysis, marketing courses, search engine optimization and even graphic design – this platform similar to Udemy is jam packed with useful courses. One of the great things about LinkedIn Learning is that when you complete a course, it automatically adds the certificate to your LinkedIn profile. This makes it easier for headhunters and potential employers to see your achieved skills.


  • Over 16,500 courses to choose from.
  • One small monthly fee of $29.99 gives you unlimited access.
  • Try it free for 30 days.
  • All certificates get instantly added to your LinkedIn profile.


Click Here to Visit Coursera

Coursera is one of the websites like Udemy that you’ll want to add to your bookmarks. They have a lot of paid courses, but they also offer free courses as well. This allows you to pick up extra skills at your own pace, even if you don’t want to spend any money. Coursera brings you courses from over 200 of the leading universities in the country including Duke University, Stanford, Penn State and so much more. Whether you’re looking to take courses in IT, academics, health or even art, you’ll find tons of courses in the niche of your choice.

One thing we absolutely love about Coursera is how each course is described. They provide you with the average salary for people with that course’s skills, how many jobs are in need of that skill and other useful data so you can know exactly what to expect upon completing the course. If you’re looking for actual online learning platforms like Udemy, but that allow you to get real jobs and earn real money, Coursera is one of the best options made available to you.


  • Courses from over 200 universities & companies.
  • See average job demand, average salary and more useful details for each course.
  • Take company specific courses such as courses that Google employees would need.
  • Take the courses at your own pace, from your computer, tablet or smart phone.


Click Here to Visit Udacity

Looking to pick up some tech skills? Udacity is the place to be! They specialize in tech courses online including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity and other tech fields. One of the great things about Udacity is that you can join as an individual, as a business or even take courses for the government. Udacity is a well-respected platform similar to Udemy, but that has one primary focus – technology, and they truly excel at it.

Their courses aren’t cheap, often in the thousands of dollars, but you can make monthly payments. You’ll also be applying your skills into real life projects during the courses and upon completion, you will be able to use your newfound skills to enter real life jobs. Udacity states that 73% of their graduates go on to work in the field they studied in from their website. This is a huge conversion rate, making it very possible for you to switch careers without having to actually attend a real university.


  • 73% of graduates go on to work in the field they studied.
  • Courses aren’t cheap, but you can make monthly payments.
  • Very robust online classes that provide amazing skills upon graduation.
  • Udacity specializes in technology fields.
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