3 Best WiFi Baby Monitor Brands of 2023

Parenting has taken on a whole new level in the last decade. With the help of WiFi baby monitors, you can now monitor your child from literally anywhere. What are baby monitors with WiFi? Simply put, they work just like any traditional video baby monitor but they also have a WiFi connection so you can view the live feed from any compatible mobile device. They range quite a bit from low EMF baby monitors to smart AI units. Knowing which one is best for your needs isn’t as easy as it seems.

WiFi baby monitors often include a mobile app that let you see your baby even if you’re not in range. For instance, if you’re out for dinner or at work during the day, all you have to do is open up your phone and see your child in real time. Most baby monitor brands take their apps even further by providing you with cool features like being able to record the live feeds, share with family/friends and some even provide extra tools like baby growth trackers.

With all of these new functions, it can quickly become overwhelming to choose a solid option for your needs. Thankfully, we’ve testing over 20 different smart baby monitors and narrowed it down to 3 excellent options. Scroll through our list below and explore our top picks!


Chillax baby monitor camera

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Chillax Baby made it to the top of our list because of the amazing innovations they bring to the world of baby monitoring. As a new brand, they don’t have the same amount of exposure as some of the other brands in this list, but don’t let that fool you – they deliver some of the best features and hardware on the market.

Giraffe Cam Pro is one of those unique SKUs that really brings a unique design to the mix. With it’s long, flexible gooseneck, you can easily twist and turn the camera in any direction. The clip-on base makes it easy for you to mount this camera to literally any surface and with a Wi-Fi on/off switch, you get the best of both worlds – a WiFi camera when you need it and a non-WiFi model when you don’t.

Chillax has a ton of other products on the way including their revolutionary Baby Mood series, which looks like it’s straight out of the future. Equipped with a night-light globe that detaches from the camera, you can use this monitor as two independent units for monitoring two rooms at a time. With their AI (artificial intelligence) line-up coming out later this year, you’ll even get to enjoy never-before-seen features like AI baby movement tracking.

Pair all of their cameras to the ChillaxCare mobile app to unlock a whole new world of possibilities including video recording, camera sharing and more!


  • Most innovative baby monitor brand of 2022
  • Artificial Intelligence series coming out later this year
  • Excellent mobile app
  • All their cameras work with power banks for on-the-go viewing
  • Very affordable price points
  • Amazing & fast customer support
  • Our top pick


motorola baby monitors

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Motorola has been in the baby space for many years, but the brand has gone through many changes over the years. This has caused the brand to have some ups and downs, but they currently offer pretty good products. The area where they shine the most is through their mobile app. Very easy to setup cameras, super simple to use and the excellent features allow you to enjoy your WiFi monitor without having to spend half your time waiting on feeds to load.

Motorola has a few different camera options but some of the most popular SKUs include VM65 and VM36XL. However, their website isn’t the best and we were unable to find any information about these products anywhere on their official site. We had to visit retailer websites in order to find out about their products and features. Nonetheless, the brand is good and the app makes the entire experience much more enjoyable.


  • Affordable baby monitors
  • Their mobile app is very impressive
  • Not much information about their products found online


nanit baby monitors

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Nanit is a baby monitor brand that has been around for quite some time. They have very few products available but the ones they do have are pretty good. Their mobile app is easy to use and has some pretty decent features that allow you to track progress as your baby grows and monitor the live feed of your camera with the press of a button.

They truly excel when it comes to wall mounting their cameras. If you’re looking for a camera that stays behind a crib and you don’t plan on moving it around much, Nanit’s mounting hardware does a great job. However, their cameras are not made with the intention of moving them around like changing rooms or bringing them on vacation.

Another downside to Nanit is the cost – most of their bundles and camera packs are quite pricey. For instance, their basic camera with a stand starts at $380 and prices go uphill rather quickly. If you want to buy a stand separately, that’s about $125.


  • Well established brand in the baby space
  • Prices are very high
  • Reliable system
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