5 Loan Sites Similar to LendUp to Rebuild Your Credit Score

Building up your credit score can prove to be one of the hardest tasks imaginable if you don’t have the proper tools. There are many articles online that cover how to increase your credit score the right way, but this list aims to cover one specific way – by borrowing small amounts of money and repaying it on time.

What does this achieve? Well, similar to having a credit card in good standing, it shows that you’re a responsible borrower who is able to respect financial contracts. When taking out a small loan, you can pay it off rather quickly, making it a great way to give your credit score a boost. However, if your credit score is low to begin with, you’ll most likely run into lots of issues with getting approved. This is why we’re bringing you a list of easy loans similar to LendUp that specialize in rebuilding your credit score.

Your chances of getting approved for these short term loans are much higher than with traditional lenders. This is because they don’t use the same factors to get your approved. Rather than relying solely on your credit history, these LendUp alternatives will take into account your current job status, your salary as well as many other indications that you may be able to pay it off in full without any issues.

These small loans can range from $100 all the way up to $5,000 or more. While you can use them for literally anything, we recommend getting the loan for repairing your credit. So the goal isn’t to use the money, but instead, to repay it without missing a single payment. Once the loan is fully repaid, your credit score could easily jump anywhere between 5 to 30 points.

Check out our list of sites like Credit Karma to monitor your credit score for free.


Click Here to Visit LendYou

If fixing your credit score is important to you, look no further than LendYou. While they aren’t a direct lender, they simplify the process of finding the best short term loan for your needs. Input a few details about yourself such as the loan amount that you would like, your current monthly salary and you’ll instantly be presented with loan options if you get approved. Chances are, you will get approved for financing because their requirements are rather low. Specializing in poor credit scores, LendYou is able to quickly match you with the ideal lender even if you have a bad credit history.

Once approved, you’ll receive the funds in your bank account within 24 hours. In some cases, you’ll even receive it the same day. One key factor to remember when working on improving your credit score is to not use the money. You might be tempted to go out and make a nice purchase, but the end goal is to have that money available when it’s time to repay. Payments are usually made over a few weeks, but if you go for a larger loan, you could be presented with the option to pay over 6+ months.


  • LendYou is not a direct lender – they present you with the best options for your situation.
  • Receive the funds in your checking account in as little as 24 hours (sometimes, you can get it the same day).
  • Approvals are instant in most cases.
  • Loan amounts range from $100 to $2,500.
  • Very low requirements – poor credit scores are welcome.


Click Here to Visit PlanBLoan

PlanBLoan is another LendUp alternative that will help make it easier than ever for you to rebuild your credit. Chances are, if you need to rebuild your credit, your score is most likely low at the moment. This makes it hard to get approved for a small loan in traditional places such as banks. Well, PlanBLoan specializes in getting you approved by looking at your entire financial situation as a whole rather than relying on a single score. With loans ranging from $200 to $5,000, you’ll be able to get the funds you need to finance a small project, renovation or even just rebuild your financial status.

The application process is very easy to complete – just fill out their online form in about 5 minutes and you’ll get a notice of approval (or refusal) within a matter of minutes. PlanBLoan doesn’t have any hidden fees or surprise costs – what they show you is what you’ll end up paying. With full transparency, fast transfer of funds and a super simple approval process, they are certainly worth looking into if you’re looking for small loans online.


  • Full transparency – you won’t end up paying hidden fees.
  • Receive the funds in 1 day.
  • Application process takes a matter of minutes to complete.
  • Loan amounts range from $200 to $5,000.


Click Here to Visit HonestLoans

Looking for larger loan amounts? Do you want to repair your credit score but also use the money for an upcoming project? HonestLoans is one of the few bad credit loan providers that can get you as much as $50,000. That’s right, while most of the other loans like LendUp in this list provide very minimal amounts, HonestLoans can provide you with amounts ranging from $100 to $50,000. Just like the other options listed here, their application process is as easy as filling out a quick online form.

Decisions are made instantly, so you’ll know right away whether or not you can get the funds in your account by the very next day. HonestLoans has been in business for almost 10 years and is one of the top loan providers when it comes to fixing your credit score. This is because their loans only last a few weeks to a few months and their APR rates tend to be rather low. Fixing your credit score by taking out small loans is a great idea, but only if you can afford to make the payments, and they make it very clear for you to understand the payments before you accept the loan.


  • Loans ranging from $100 all the way up to $50,000.
  • Receive the money within 1 to 2 business days.
  • Must have a minimum monthly income of $1,000+.
  • Must have been working at the same job for a minimum of 3 months.


Click Here to Visit Indylend

New to the scene, Indylend has only been in business for 2 years. However, don’t let that distract you from the fact that they offer fast loans and affordable APR rates. Indylend has a quick application process that took us 4 minutes to fill out. You need to enter basic information about yourself like your current employment status, your current salary and other such details. At the end of the form, you will know whether or not you’ve been approved in under 5 minutes – most decisions are made immediately.

As a lender for people with bad credit, Indylend is one of the top options if your credit score is far from perfect. At Indylend, you can borrow $200 or as much as $5,000. When taking out loans specifically to rebuild your credit score, we recommend going with very low amounts. For instance, take a $200, repay it on time and your score will go up. Next time around, go for $500 and do the same. After taking a few small loans and repaying them on time without penalties, you will notice a very significant impact on your entire credit score.


  • Fast approvals – almost instant.
  • Borrow between $200 to $5,000.
  • Ideal lender for repairing your credit score.
  • New loan provider, but with a proven track record and affordable rates.


Click Here to Visit CashNetUSA

If you’ve never heard of CashNetUSA, you might of been living under a rock for the past 10 years. In fact, CashNetUSA has been in business since 2004, giving them over 16 years of experience in the short term loans industry. Similar to LendUp, they are a direct lender and can provide you with the cash you need the very same day. However, one downside to CashNetUSA is that they don’t have loan options available in all states. While other lenders in this list adapt to state laws and offer alternative solutions, CashNetUSA simply chooses not to offer loans in certain areas.

Nonetheless, they are an excellent lender with a proven track record. The quick application process can be done in about 5 minutes and you’ll get an immediate decision on whether or not you’ve been approved. Loans can be as small as $100 or can go up to $2,500. This all depends on your current location.


  • Loans range from $100 to $2,500.
  • Not available in all states.
  • Instant decision.
  • Quick application process.
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